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Cloth napkins are in trend again. They are re-usable, eco -friendly and perfect for everyday use or a special occasion. In my shop I offer a wide selection of high quality cloth napkins handmade from Marimekko and other Scandinavian designer fabrics in variety of colors and prints.  If you like classic prints then these cloth napkins made from iconic Marimekko Pieni Unikko are the right choice.                                            Choose either a set in the same color (red, blue, yellow, pink orange or...

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Like other women, I just love bags. Tote bags, shoulder bags, cross body bags etc... It is something that is never enough=) This spring I have been making a lot of new bags for the shop. Marimekko heavy upholstery grade fabric is great quality, thick and durable so the bags keep shape well. They are also washable at 60 degrees. The prints are striking by its simplicity. This black and white shoulder bag from Marimekko fabric Kantellen Kutsu is very stylish and will go well with any color. The print was inspired by Finnish folklore Kalevala.         ...

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Spring is perfect time to organize your home. In this blog post I will talk about fabric baskets available in my shop. Bright and colorful or black and white, they will make a great accent for any room. Great quality Scandinavian designer fabric by Marimekko.                These storage containers are so versatile. Depending on the fabric you can use them as home, nursery, office or bathroom decor. Or you can give them as a gift filled with some sweets or other things. They will make a great housewarming or hostess gift. There are different...

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If you are looking for a unique Scandinavian quilt, this is the right place! I have just finished a new one.                                               The idea to make this quilt was born few years ago when I saw the most amazing Northern Lights. At that time I just started my quilting journey. Over the time the quilting skills developed and I was not afraid anymore of trying new forms.  And when I saw wonderful Cold Spell batik fabric by Laundry Basket...

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As you know I love scraps and playing with colors. This time I was going through my stash of upholstery grade fabric scraps. Beautiful prints, great quality Marimekko fabric but long narrow strips were not wide enough...  What shall I make from them? First I thought of makeup pouches but having too many seams on heavy upholstery grade fabric would have made them very thick and difficult to work with. Then I decided to combine only 2 prints and make a longer but narrower zipper pouch that would work well for eyeglasses. Myself, I prefer zippered bags for spectacles, they...

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