My Scandinavian home - life in color

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My Scandinavian home - life in color

I am the founder and designer of NordicCrafter. I make ALL my products myself. Some of you might have wondered if I make anything for myself or family. Yes, the well-known expression “The shoemaker´s children always go barefoot”, does not apply to me=)

Today I will take you on a tour around my apartment so you can see how my products look in the real house.

Traditional Finnish homes have white walls. I like the pureness and clean atmosphere it gives. It creates space, brightness and makes it easy to incorporate color. I love color but I don´t want to be overwhelmed. So I added bits of color to a neutral space.


Rainbow quilt made from Marimekko fabrics brightens up my room during long autumn and winter months when everything is so dark.


A colorful wall hanging really pops against the white walls.

In the evenings in winter when it’s dark we lit up the room with lots of candles and candle light gives the white walls a cozy glow.  Candle mat made from scraps of Marimekko fabrics.

I like upcycling. This little lampshade was found in a second hand store. I glued a piece of Marimekko fabric Unikko in green on top and… Voila!

I also renovated this chair – painted it white and upholstered with modern Marimekko fabric Toteemi.

Fabric baskets made from waterproof Marimekko oil cloth fabric are very handy in the bathroom!


I also use a fabric bin to store my cloth napkins in the kitchen drawer.

My kitchen is also my studio. Not always so tidy as in the picture=)


Oil cloth Mustikkamaa is perfect for a tablecloth and so easy to take care of.

Kitchen apron – combination of my favorite linen fabric and iconic Marimekko print Pieni Unikko in Red. Quilted potholders – combination of Marimekko prints Hauki and Jurmo.

I like variety and some of the quilts in our house are not from Marimekko. For my boys I made quilts from Moda fabric and we all love them!

My home is not perfect but everything there is made with joy and happiness. I brightened it with my own creations and you can do it too…

I would be very happy to see what you think about it! So, please, comment!


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