Marimekko fabrics. Part 2. Modern classics

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Marimekko fabrics. Part 2. Modern classics

There are many contemporary prints that have already become Marimekko´s modern classics. In this post I will write about my favorite modern fabrics.

Siirtolapuutarha (Allotment) was designed in 2009 by Maija Louekari. Delightful interpretation of urban nature at its best.  Amazingly beautiful colorways. This print looks great on accent pillows, in a tablecloth, bedding or as a backing for a quilt when combined with simple black borders.



Erja Hirvi has drawn inspiration for her fascinating Lumimarja (Snowberry) parrten from a bush behind her window. This nature-inspired winter print has been very popular. It works well for wall hangings, curtains, pillows etc. There are many colors available for that fabric - from neutral color palette to bright reds.

Last year I made a quilt from Lumimarja and other neutral fabrics that represented the blend of seasons, each filled with its own beauty and colors.


The quilt has been sold out but table runner and quilted placemats made with the same concept are still available at my store.



Another fabulous designer is Sanna Annukka, her influences include folk patterns and mythology found in traditional cultures all over the world.

For example, Toteemi (2014) was inspired by African art and Finnish folklore from Karelia region. A tablecloth made from this fabric is simply stunning!


Kanteleen Kutsu (2009), gorgeous ornamental print, shows a scene from the Finnish classic, The Kalevala, when animals gather to hear joyful music played on the kantele, a string instrument. I like making pouches and fabric baskets from this print.

Hauki (Pike) is a fun pattern that was inspired by the designer´s childhood memories of summers spent in her grandmother´s cottage. It makes a great accent long pillow




Linen fabric Luovi (2015), the watercolor like pattern designed by Aino-Maija Metsola . It represents the ocean in a beautiful way. 


I have kitchen tea towels from this fabric in my store.But it also look great on a simple maxi dress that I am planning to make for summer=)

What are your favorite Marimekko modern prints?


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