Christmas patchwork star tutorial

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Christmas patchwork star tutorial

Christmas, season of giving... We all need lots of small gifts. What can be better than a handmade tree ornament?

In this tutorial I will share a quick way to make patchwork stars. 


To make an approx 5 inch star you will need

  • Scraps of fabric for the front and coordinating piece of fabric (approx. 6 1/2 but 6 1/2 inch) for the back
  • fiberfill
  • A thin tool to push the corners (you can use a chopstick or a pencil)
  • twine
  • tiny jingle bell or a button
  • basic skill of straight stitching and a bit of patience


First, let´s make a template. Take a piece of cardboard (I used a cereal box) and draw a diamond with 2 diagonals - 1 5/8 inch (4cm) and 2 3/4 (7cm).  Than add a seam allowance 3/8 inch (1 cm), draw another diamond and cut the template.  Now take a thick needle and make holes in the template (those will help us later to transfer the marks to the fabric).




You need to cut 6 pieces from your fabric for the front or if you are going to make both sides from scraps then cut 12 pcs. Mark the points on each piece on the wrong side of the fabric. 


Arrange your fabric pieces and cut the ends facing towards the center.


Sew the first 2 pieces together from one mark to another, making sure you secure the seams in the beginning and end. 


As you sew more pieces, please, make sure that the seam allowance on the pieces you had sewn, faces away from the seam you are currently sewing.


When all the seams are sewn, first finger press each seam open, paying attention that there are no bumps in the center. Then press the seams from the back. Don´t use the steam as it might cause distortion of the star. If your center points are not perfect, don´t get discouraged -  you can decorate the star with a button later.


Take a piece of fabric for the backing and pin the patchwork front on it, right sides together.


Now stitch around from one mark to another leaving a 1-1 1/2 inch gap on one of the sides.



Cut the excess of fabric from the back, cut the fabric at the tips of the star close to the seam.  



Cut the backing fabric ONLY in the corners (since we sew the front from mark to mark then we don't need cut the fabric in the corners in the front)


Now let´s turn the star right side out through the opening we left on one of the sides. Use the thin tool to push the corners, I usually use a pencil or a thin holder from a paintbrush. Press the star.


Fill the star with fiberfill (first corners, then the rest). Hand sew the opening close. Attach the twine and decorate the ornament with a jingle bell. 




You can give this patchwork star as a tree ornament, or use it as a present topper, or decorate a pack of delicious home baked cookies or... in case you can`t make your own ornament, I have some for you in my store=)
















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