Christmas stockings and ornaments from Marimekko fabric, oilcloth pouches and new quilt

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Christmas stockings and ornaments from Marimekko fabric, oilcloth pouches and new quilt

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post. I have been busy working on the new products for the shop, adding Christmas items and finishing the quilt I started last spring.

Last year I made Christmas tree ornaments from Marimekko fabric that were a big success among my friends and colleagues. So this year I decided to add them to the shop. The set of 3 ornaments includes a triangle, heart and patchwork star. They will look great on the Christmas tree, your door or on top of the present. Different fabrics but they always bright and colorful. More will be listed soon!



 There are new Christmas stockings in the shop -  colorful and bright,


black and white,


and modern.  


 Among other latest additions there are makeup bags from Marimekko oilcloth Tuppurainen and Hattarakukka. Beauatiful florals, feminine but not too girly!


These waterproof pouches are perfect for keeping your make up essentials in or a LOT of small things (phone, keys, money, medicine etc) and would easily fit in your handbag.


 And now the quilt.. Once I saw on etsy vintage and antique embroidery panels for up-cycling, I had an idea of bringing old and new together and combining them with Marimekko fabric. Like old photos, I framed each panel with rainbow borders  and it is amazing how well all the colors blend.


There are French cross stitch monograms, English floral embroidered motifs, stunning white work. 


Hand-quilting added nice texture to this one-of-a-kind quilt. It will be in the shop very soon!


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