New bags from Marimekko fabric

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New bags from Marimekko fabric

Like other women, I just love bags. Tote bags, shoulder bags, cross body bags etc... It is something that is never enough=)

This spring I have been making a lot of new bags for the shop. Marimekko heavy upholstery grade fabric is great quality, thick and durable so the bags keep shape well. They are also washable at 60 degrees.

The prints are striking by its simplicity.

This black and white shoulder bag from Marimekko fabric Kantellen Kutsu is very stylish and will go well with any color. The print was inspired by Finnish folklore Kalevala.




If you dodn´t like black and white, then this bag from classic Marimekko print Pieni Unikko in a rare colorway - black poppies on gray background with white and orange centers.could be an option.




I like the pop of color inside those two bags -  the lining is made from stiffened Marimekko cotton Muija.




If you are not into shoulder bags, I could make a cross body from these prints. If you are interested, please, send me a message.

If you like tote bags, then I have 2 new colorways of classic Pieni Unikko  in my shop

Classic and timeless black poppies with gray centers on white background



and bright and cheery blue flowers.



In addition to these bags, I have other messenger and tote bags in the store, so everyone could find something to their taste=)

And of course, I have other fabrics available, so please, feel free to request something made specially for you!

Kind regards,



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