Patchwork quilt "Northern Lights"

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Patchwork quilt "Northern Lights"

If you are looking for a unique Scandinavian quilt, this is the right place! I have just finished a new one. 



The idea to make this quilt was born few years ago when I saw the most amazing Northern Lights. At that time I just started my quilting journey. Over the time the quilting skills developed and I was not afraid anymore of trying new forms.  And when I saw wonderful Cold Spell batik fabric by Laundry Basket for Moda that has wintry feeling and amazing shades of blue, just like winter sky, I finally made up my mind. I decided to combine it with Marimekko fabric that vivid and vibrant colors remind me of these incredible Lights.


When I started working I didn't have a layout for the quilt and let the fabric guide me. And I am happy with the result!

I really like the progression of colors from deep blue to light beige in batik fabric. Square and triangle Marimekko pieces sparkle on the dark blue background just like real lights. 



The borders and backing are made from complimentary Marimekko fabric Piccolo in turquoise and beige. 



The quilt is hand quilted in simply wavy pattern and fits perfectly double bed.



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