Home storage ideas April 2017

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Home storage ideas April 2017

Spring is perfect time to organize your home. In this blog post I will talk about fabric baskets available in my shop.

Bright and colorful or black and white, they will make a great accent for any room. Great quality Scandinavian designer fabric by Marimekko.


These storage containers are so versatile. Depending on the fabric you can use them as home, nursery, office or bathroom decor. Or you can give them as a gift filled with some sweets or other things. They will make a great housewarming or hostess gift.

There are different types of fabric used for making the baskets.

1) Marimekko upholstery grade cotton -  usually I use fusible interfacing for outer side. I found that the basket feels sturdier and keeps the shape better.




Recently I started using stiffened Marimekko cotton fabric for the lining. When I use this one, there is no need for fusible interfacing as the stiffened cotton serves the same purpose.


 2) Mairimekko oilcloth - unlike regular oilcloth, Marimekko oil cloth is faced with a light satin poly-vinyl finish on the printed side of their cotton fabric. it makes the fabric more pliable, durable and it withstands many washings. So these baskets are waterproof from outer side and they are perfect as a bathroom organizer.



 3) PVC coated fabric by Marimekko. The fabric is unique - the right side looks like heavy upholstery grade cotton, but wrong side is PVC coated.




The basket comes to you folded for shipping, so it is possible to iron it from inside to restore the shape.

I have a lot of these fabric containers in my home too. In the kitchen I use them for storing napkins.


In the bathroom I keep some of my makeup in those waterproof fabric bins, as well as cotton pads, makeup remover etc.


My boys use these containers for storing Legos.

In the shop there are more than 30 color variations to choose from. I believe that everyone can find something for their taste!=)



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