Pocket tissue holder from floral Marimekko fabric Unikko

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Blow your nose in style with this tissue holder made from floral Marimekko fabric mini Unikko! Bright and colorful pouch accommodates a standard size pack of tissues or Kleenex and it would easily fit in your handbag or a pocket. Great for travel or using in a car. It would also make a nice gift for any occasion. 7 colors to choose from!

- The fabric is 100% cotton purchased from Marimekko store in Helsinki, Finland.
- One side is strengthened by fusible interfacing for durability. The side seams are triple stitched in the center.
- size: 5 1/4 inch / 13.5 cm long, 3 1/4 inch / 9 cm wide.

This is not a licensed Marimekko product. It is however, hand-crafted from licensed Marimekko fabric.
I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Marimekko.

All my items are handmade by me. Please, feel free to request something made specially for you:)