Here you will find a list of teaching topics and content of the online and in person classes.

I also offer workshops for Guilds and personal instructions on demand via Zoom about English Paper Piecing and Free motion quilting.

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Aurinkolasikotelo tilkkuillen


Ajankohta: 09.04.2022, 10.00 - 14.00

Paikka: Tilkkunen, Höyläämötie 11 B, 2 krs.  Helsinki 

Hinta: 35 eur

Kieli: Englanti

Kurssille mahtuu maks. 8 henk.


Työpajassa valmistamme tilkkutyönä aurinkolasikotelon. Samalla opit tilkkutöiden perusteita kuten tilkkujen leikkaamista, 1/4" saumanvarojen käyttöä, merkkaamista, tikkaamista ja vinonauhan kiinnityksen. Kotelo pysyy kiinni magneetilla, joka ommellaan läppään.


Voit ostaa tarvikesetin suoraan kurssilta hintaan 20€.
Tai jos haluat käyttää siihen omia kankaita, ota mukaan tilkkutyöpuuvillaa, silitettävää ohutta vanua ja magneetti.


Kurssilla on käytössäsi ompelukoneet, ompelulanka ja tilkkutyövälineet. Jos sinulla on oma tilkkutyöleikkuri, niin suosittelemme ottamaan sen mukaan samoin kuin ompelun perusvälineet (kangassakset, katoava merkkauskynä, nuppineulat/klipsit, ratkoja, sormustin sekä lanka ja silmäneula käsinompelua varten. Työpajassa on myös näitä tarvikkeita lainattavana, jos kaikkea ei löydy omasta takaa.


Patchwork Sunglasses Case

Language: English

In this workshop we shall make a Patchwork Sunglasses case, which is a beginner friendly pattern. You will learn the basics of patchwork (cutting fabrics, sewing with 1/4" seam allowance, marking and quilting a cross-hatch design, attaching binding) as well as how to work with fusible foam interfacing and how to install a magnetic closure.

You can either use your own fabrics or separately buy a fabric kit (includes everything you need, fabrics, fusible foam interfacing and magnetic closure) from NordicCrafter.

Supplies needed: sewing machine, sewing thread, quilting ruler, air/water erasable pen, fabric scissors, pins or clips, seam ripper, thimble, thread and needle for hand stitching binding.


Introduction to English Paper Piecing


Language: English


Come and learn English paper piecing (EPP), a traditional HAND sewing technique, where you wrap fabric around individual paper shapes and then sew the shapes together to form patchwork patterns. It is a versatile technique in which sewists of any level and skill find something that appeals to them. You can make impressive fascinating quilts, you can add a bit of patchwork to small projects, you can create applique motifs to adorn your clothing or bags or new patchwork fabric/panels to cut up and sew into pouches, bags, clothing, toys... It does not require any fancy tools - just a fine needle and thread and desire to sew with your hands. The portability of the technique allows you to take your projects anywhere and sew on the go. It is relaxing and beneficial for your mental well being.

Supplies (included in the price):

- Fabric pieces (pre-cut)

- Needle

- Thread

- Printable and pre-cut paper templates

Please, bring your own Fabric scissors, thimble, thread and needle for thread basting (optional)

Exploring  EPP shapes: Diamond and Jewels


Language: English


In this class we shall explore English paper piecing (EPP) further and learn about Diamonds and Jewels, patterns you can create using those shapes, practice lining up patchwork points and make a nice project "Scandi Star Round Pouch". You will also  learn how to work with Aurifil 80 wt cotton thread, foam stabilizer, attach bias binding and zipper to rounded shapes.


The course is aimed at confident beginner sewists who have some experience with EPP.

Supplies (included in the price):

- PDF Pattern "Scandi Star Round Pouch" by NordicCrafter 

- Aurifil thread 80wt

- Printable and precut paper templates (Diamonds)

- Printable and precut Hexiform templates (Jewels)


You can buy a fabric kit for the pouch separately here or gather your own supplies.


Please, bring your own Fabric scissors, thimble, thread and needle for thread basting, needle for sewing.

Basics of Free Motion Quilting on a domestic sewing machine


No matter if you have just discovered free motion quilting or have wanted to learn it for ages this class is a starting point to get excited about fmq and learn its basics.

It is not that difficult if you know what is needed to set up yourself for success, what to do if you have problems and this is exactly what I will help you to learn.