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Christmas Bauble Coaster

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

To continue the theme of quick Christmas gifts I would like to share a Christmas Bauble Coaster tutorial with you. It is always interesting to see how one idea leads to another. For this week´s theme "Small gifts" for Sip Tea and EPP Christmas Sew Along I was working on the Lovely postcard coaster designed by Larisa @stitchingnotes. My stash of Christmas fabrics is super small and the options for fussy cutting are limited. It made me think what else I could do. Since it was a postcard coaster I thought what postcards I loved the most when I was a child. The ones with Christmas baubles! So I made my version of Larisa´s sweet pattern with baubles. The next morning I woke up with an idea for this coaster. I started right away and could not stop until I finished six😀. Precious Debbie Mumm ´s Fabric "Arctic Holiday" that I have had in my stash for years has a perfect scale and pairs beautifully with coarse linen. Let´s get started!

You will need (all measurements are width x height):

- (1) 7" x 7 1 /2" pre-washed linen for the top

- (1) 7" x 7 1 /2" quilting cotton for the back

- (1) 7" x 7 1 /2" medium weight fusible interfacing

- A piece of quilting cotton for fussy cut central motif

- Double sided fusible web (for example, Steam-A-Seam 2 by the Warm Company),

the same size as the central motif piece

- (1) 7" x 7 1 /2" low or medium loft batting

- (1) 2 1/2 " x 3/4" metallic ribbon or lace (if using linen lace, pre-wash it)

- (1) ribbon or lace for a small tag (optional)

- (1) 18" Twine or ribbon for hanging

- For the tag: (1) quilting cotton with words + (1) double sided fusible web; (2) linen or

quilting cotton for the background + (1) double sided fusible web (see the size in step 8)

- Scissors, pinking shears, water soluble fabric marker, sewing needle, thread, thin stick, sewing machine

Download the template here. Make sure the printer is set to “actual size” and not to “fit to page” when you print the templates. Check the 1” (2.5cm) square to ensure the right final size.

Template does NOT include seam allowances (SA), you will need to add SA as noted below.

RS - right side of fabric, WS - wrong side of fabric

1. Cut rectangles for the top from linen and fusible interfacing. Linen has a lose weave, so interfacing helps to hold the shape and prevents shifting and distorting. Fuse the interfacing to the WS of linen following the manufacturer´s instructions. Trace the Bauble template to the WS of the interfaced linen piece, add 1/4" SA around and cut with scissors.

2. Take a piece of quilting cotton for fussy cutting (don´t cut your motif yet). Peel the paper from one side of the Double sided fusible web and stick it to the WS of fabric (make sure the interfacing fully covers the fussy cut) . Don´t iron, just finger press to make sure it sticks evenly.

Cut the motif as desired (either with approx 1/16" SA of background fabric or without SA) with scissors. Remove the remaining paper and position the motif as desired. Fuse when everything is properly in its place.

3. Decrease stitch length to 2.0 and stitch at 1/8" from the raw edge around your motif using thread that matches the fussy cut background (I used navy).

4. Place a ribbon or lace at the top and stitch around to secure it. If desired add a small tag and baste it in place.

5. Place the layers as follows: batting, back piece RS up, linen piece WS up. Pin all layers together. Stitch through 3 layers using marking on the interfacing as a guide leaving the top unstitched (between the arrows).

6. Cut the SA around the coaster with pinking shears. Make small cuts at the top where the the arrows point, making sure you don´t cut the seam.

7. Turn the coaster RS out through the top opening. Use a thin stick to reach inside and smooth the curves. Run your finger over the seams before pressing. Give the coaster a good press, first, without steam, then with steam. Sew the opening closed with ladder stitch.

8. Make a tag. The same way as described in step 2 stick Double sided fusible web to the fabric piece with words/letters. Cut with scissors as desired. The background fabric for the tag should be approx. 3/8" bigger on each side than the piece with words. Stick 2 pieces of the background fabric WS together with Fusible web between the pieces. Peel the paper off the fabric piece with words and position it as desired on the background fabric. Fuse when everything is properly in its place.

If desired you can stitch around the piece with words/letters. Cut the background fabric with pinking shears at approx. 1/4" from the words. If you don´t have fabric with words you can make a tag with a small fussy cut fabric piece (I had 1/2" of background fabric around the strip with snowflakes ). 10. I used a very long thick needle to attach twine. First, thread you needle with twine (one strand), push it through the tag, tie the twine once.

Thread the needle with both ends of twine and push the needle from the top to the back. Tie the twine as shown in the photo below, then tie the ends and cut the excess of twine as desired.

Alternatively, you can also install a metal eyelet at the top of the coaster and another one on the tag. You coaster is ready!

I would like to encourage you to look at the pattern as an inspiration to create you own design.

Use the fabric from your stash as I did with that bear from Tilda Woodland collection. He told me that he needed a sleigh to bring a Christmas tree made from snowballs to his friends😊

Embellish your bauble with an EPP hexagon flower or 6-point star for a classic look. I used 1 inch hexagons.

You can also make a simple patchwork version with squares or use leftovers small HSTs which I am still planning to do😊.

The only limit is your imagination!

Happy Stitching!❤

This pattern is for PERSONAL use only. You can make these coasters for yourself or as a gift. As usual I ask you to respect time and effort put to create and share the pattern, so please tag me @nordiccrafter and use hashtag #nordiccrafterpatterns when you share your creations on social media.

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