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Connected Stripes 2021 Challenge on IG

“Lines separate us... but let´s cross lines, connect lines and create beautiful designs together!"

You are invited to participate in a super-fun challenge “Connected Stripes 2021” organized by a group of Finnish quilters Irina @nordiccrafter, Pia @organisaattori, Pinar @tilkkunen and Tiina @tilkunviilaaja on Instagram.

The goal of the Connected Stripes 2021 Challenge is to inspire people to explore stripes in their quilting – striped fabrics, fabric strips, or strata (strips of various widths sewn together into panels, then cut to pieces and recombined). Participants are welcome to use modern, traditional, improvisational, or unconventional quilting techniques and methods.

The Challenge runs 6th of September - 3rd of October, 2021.

By joining in, you will get:

- Inspiration and tips for making your creations from famous designers and authors who will share their insights on stripes.

- The creative journey of integrating striped elements into your quilt work.

- If you are a beginner, you will also get advice on how to get started on quilting and creating with stripes.

So everyone is welcome, no matter what your skill level!

What is needed to join?

Anyone can join, and to be eligible to win great prizes you need:

- your own public Instagram account

- to start your Stripe Challenge project within the 4 weeks of the Challenge

- to COMPLETE your creation and post a photo on the last day of the challenge (3 October 2021) at the latest. You need to include the #ConnectedStripes2021 hashtag.

- if your project is a bigger quilt you can participate with a photo of the completed quilt top (a flimsy).

- Quilters living in Finland can also add the #Raitahaaste2021 hashtag, to compete for an extra prize.

Your project must include stripes, strips, or strata but they may be in any form.

The #ConnectedStripes2021 challenge is open internationally.

It is up to you to decide which techniques to use and what to make: a small pouch, one quilt block, mini quilt or a wall hanging etc. Let your imagination run wild!

How to join?

You can join any time during the 4 weeks of the challenge. Keep posting photos of your progress using the #ConnectedStripes2021 hashtag.

At the end of the Challenge we shall pick the winners in the following categories:

Original design with unique ideas

Fascinating use of colour

Creative small make

Amazing details – think embroidery, applique, hand-stitching…

Your Favourite Make! Participants will be asked to vote for their favourite project from the Challenge.

New to quilting – to encourage beginner quilters to explore this fun form of creation!

There will be a draw for an extra prize for Finnish quilters who have shared their finished make using the #Raitahaaste2021 hashtag.


The Challenge runs for four weeks. We will be sharing helpful information and tips on Instagram to help newbies get started.

Feel free to work at your own pace if you would like to complete more than one project.

Week 1 - 6th September

Gathering supplies (fabric,tools), basic techniques (piecing and pressing).

Week 2 - 13th September

Creating with Strips and Stripes (inspirational projects and tips)

Week 3 - 20th September

Creating with Strata (inspirational projects and tips)

Week 4 - 25th September

Finishing the project and sharing the results.

Deadline for posting photos of the finished projects on Instagram 3rd October 2021.

Guest experts

Jennifer Sampou, @jennifersampou

Sarah Hibbert, @quiltscornerstone

Heather Black, @quiltachusetts

Yuliya Rechetnikova @quiltcreation

Augusto Garcia @capaquilts

Carolina Oneto @carolina_oneto

Erica Jackman @kitchentablequilting


We are very grateful for the generous and kind support from:

Jennifer Sampou, @jennifersampou

Sarah Hibbert, @quiltscornerstone

Maria Shell, @talesofastitcher

Heather Black @quiltachusetts

Jennifer @crimsonconfection

Pinar @tilkkunen

The winners will be announced on the 6th of October on Instagram.

Happy Quilting!❤


Irina @nordiccrafter

Pia @organisaattori

Pinar @tilkkunen

Tiina @tilkunviilaaja

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