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Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

What is your favorite thing about the Holiday Season? For me, it is the joy of giving. The size of a gift doesn't really matter. But what matters is the thought behind and how much love you put into said gift. Handmade gifts are simply the best. This is why I decided to share a tutorial for Scandinavian Christmas ornaments with you. They are simple and don't require much time to make but they will sure put a smile on recipient's face. All you need are scraps. Let's get started!

Download the templates here. Make sure the printer is set to “actual size” and not to “fit to page” when you print the templates. Check the 1” (2.5cm) square to ensure the right final size. The templates don't include Seam Allowances (SA), add 1/4" - 3/8" SA depending on your preferences.

I recommend gluing the templates to a piece of cardboard from a cereal box and then cut out with scissors. It will be easier to trace the templates to the fabric.

RS - right side of fabric, WS - wrong side of fabric

Lock the stitches at the beginning and end of each seam

You will need:

- fabric scraps

- a piece of lace (optional)

- tiny jingle bells

- twine for hanging

- a small button

- fiberfill

- water soluble fabric marker

Christmas Tree Ornament

Simple minimalist design decorated with a tiny jingle bell.

1. Cut 2 pieces from fabric scraps using the Triangle template. If desired you can piece the front from narrow strips. Place the pieces RS together, pin and stitch around, leaving a 1" opening in the middle of the bottom unstitched. Trim SA slightly with pinking shears, clip the corners.

2. Using a chopstick or any other pointy tool, turn the tree RS out though the opening, then push the corners out. Finger press along the seams first, then give it a good press with hot iron. Fill the ornament with fiberfill starting from corners. You can either stitch the opening closed with ladder stitch or you can add a cinnamon stick at the bottom.

3. Thread the twine through the jingle bell so it is right in the middle. Then thread the needle with both ends of twine and push the needle through the top of the tree.

Thread both ends of twine through the loop as shown below.

Tie the twine ends. Your tree ornament is ready!

Finished size: approx. 4" tall x 3 1/2" wide at the base.

Heart Ornament

The Heart is a traditional Scandinavian Christmas decoration. Some people say it is the symbol of the heart of Christmas (love and respect). In the past, paper of felt hearts filled with treats were the only gifts the children received during Christmas celebration.

You can make the heart front from 1 piece of fabric or combine two pieces and decorate with lace, for a more romantic look.

1. Trace the Heart template onto a piece of fabric and add SA. Repeat for another piece. Pin the pieces together with RS of the fabric facing. Stitch around leaving a 1 1/2" opening unstitched (close to the bottom on the left). I recommend placing the opening at approx. 1 1/2"-2" from the bottom. Mine was to close to the bottom tip because of the pattern placement on the fabric.

2. Trim SA with pinking shears, clip the bottom tip and make small cuts into SA at the top, making sure you don´t cut the seam.

3. Turn the Heart RS out though the opening. First, smooth the seams with a thin stick from inside. At the top where the two halves of the heart meet, slightly pull on the seam with your fingers, then finger press along the seams around the heart. Give it a good press with iron.

4. Fill the ornament with fiberfill, stitch the opening closed and attach the twine with jingle bell as described in the Tree ornament section.

Finished size: approx. 6" tall x 2 1/2" wide.

I also made few more romantic ornaments from samples of Moda fabric kindly given to me by my favorite local quilt shop Tilkkunen.

One of the hearts is made from 1/2" hexagons hand stitched together.

Star Ornament

The Star is a symbol of Christmas. Traditionally a 6 point star is sewn by hand using English Paper Piecing method. In this tutorial I pieced the front of the star by machine and used one piece of fabric for the back.

1. Cut 6 pieces for the front of the star. First, piece 2 halves of the star (each one has 3 units). Stitch only on the marked lines but not on the SA. Iron the seams open.

2. Align the 2 pieces so the middle points match and stitch them together. Iron the seam open. If your points didn´t align perfectly (just like mine), don't worry! You can add a button later.

3. Place a piece of fabric for the back RS up, then the Star front piece on top WS up and pin the pieces together.

4. Stitch around the star leaving a 1" opening unstitched on one blade. Trim SA to 1/4", clip the corners at the top of the blades. Make 3 small cuts into SA (through both layers of fabric) where the blades meet as shown below.

5. Turn the star RS out through the opening and push the corners out. Fill with fiberfill and stitch the opening closed. Add a button or jingle bell if desired.

I wish I could take photos of the ornaments from Marimekko fabric I made for this tutorial. Unfortunately, it has been so rainy and dark that it is impossible. And now these ornaments have been gifted... I hope you enjoy the photos of the beautiful white and cream ornaments in the snow I took by the frozen sea last week.

Finished size: approx. 5" x 5".

Now you have a beautiful set of Christmas ornaments!

We are blessed to have the hobby of sewing in our lives. We are able to create beautiful things and making those beautiful things brings us joy. Let's share our love for sewing with others through our handmade gifts.

This is my last blog post for 2021. Wishing your all a Happy Holiday Season! 💖

These template are for PERSONAL use only. You can make ornaments for yourself or gift them. Please, respect time and effort put to create and share the pattern, so please tag me @nordiccrafter and use hashtag #nordiccrafterpatterns when you share on social media.

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