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Spring Mystery Project

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

The long awaited Spring Mystery Project Sew Along for Sip Tea and EPP

will start next Thursday, April 7th, 2022. Larisa @stitchingnotes and I hope you can join us this time as well and have some fun sewing together with us.

Many of you mentioned that the most challenging part of the previous

Mystery Sew Along was choosing the fabrics. Larisa and I decided to give

you some clues to what look for while picking your fabrics and other

needed supplies.

The Spring Mystery Project Sew Along is officially over. We are sorry the templates are no longer available to download. But the pattern is coming soon!

Now let´s go through the list of supplies!

1) Solid colour linen or quilting cotton

Larisa and I both like using medium weight linen in natural colour for

our makes. It gives a perfect background to any make and lets the EPP

design shine. Since linen usually shrinks a lot, I always pre-wash mine.

I guess it is a matter of personal preference as Larisa doesn't do that.

If you don't have any linen, you can use canvas or any solid quilting

cotton. The main idea is to make your EPP elements stand out, so keep

this in mind when picking your background fabric.

2) Double sided foam interfacing

If you are not familiar with this product yet, it's time for you to get

to know it. It combines foam, fusibility and lightness as well as giving

your makes great stability and shape retention. In other words, it gives

a nice structure to your makes.

We recommend using Double Sided fusible foam for this particular

project, but you can also use Single Sided or Sew In foam stabiliser if

you have it. Just use pins or basting spray to hold all layers together.

If you don't have foam stabiliser, don't worry. You can use batting,

even batting scraps sewn together. We recommend medium loft batting. If

you only have thin (low loft) batting, then use 2 layers. It works well


I use either Bosal In-R-form or Soft and Stable by Annie's just because

I can get them locally. Both are really good and easy to work with.

Larisa uses single sided fusible foam Legacy Flex-Foam 1-sided


3) Quilting cotton fabric scraps

This project is a whimsical celebration of the first flowers blossoming,

the sunshine lighting up the world below and every other little beauty

that comes with spring. Therefore, we encourage you to pick fabrics that

sing spring to you.

For us, spring is always about first flowers popping from the half

frozen ground, buttercups, pansies, apple blossoms and sunshine. Here is

the fabric pull inspired by all these wonderful things...

If spring is about rainbows for you, then pick the rainbow palette. Pick

the fabrics that make your heart sing, not just to fit the colour

scheme. If you choose to sew with the fabrics you love, then you will

love the finished product even more.

Once you have your options, audition them with the solid linen or

quilting cotton you chose.

4) Quilting cotton

Larisa and I always go for a harmonious look on the outside and inside

of our makes. This is why this fabric should coordinate with the

quilting cotton scraps and solid linen you chose as well, but if you

feel like having a contrast, then go for it!

5) Binding

We use two types of binding for this project - bias binding and straight

binding (cut on grain).

Bias binding choice depends on your personal preferences. Some like

gingham, some prefer stripes, while others go for solid colours. You can

audition a few options with the background and quilting cotton scraps

and see what looks best to you. Have your options ready but make the

final decision once the binding step comes.

Straight binding (cut on grain) should be made from the same quilting

cotton (from step 4).

6) Zipper

Even if you’ve never installed a zipper before, you will be pleasantly

surprised at how easy it is to sew by hand. If you already have zippers

at home, but don't have the right length, you might audition the options

with the solid background, quilting cotton scraps and bias binding, and

then order or buy a 10" zipper in the colours that fit best.

If you like contrast and pop of colour then go for one of the colours

from the quilting cotton scraps. For a more neutral look, beige or white

is always a good option.

7) Embroidery floss

We use DMC embroidery floss in a dark brown colour, and also in red and

a few other colours that you will pick later during the process.

Larisa and I hope these tips will help you make the right fabric and

supplies choices for the Spring Mystery Project!

Have fun picking your fabrics!

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