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Winter Mystery Project SAL. Week 2

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Welcome to Week 2 of the Winter Mystery Project Sew Along for Sip Tea and EPP hosted by Larisa @stitchingnotes and Irina @nordiccrafter. Sewing together is always fun and we are incredibly happy that many of you were able to join this SAL! We are delighted seeing all of your beautiful patchwork panels popping in our feeds! Well done everybody for keeping up with us and thank you so much for trusting us to lead you on this adventure!

The panels are stitched, the tabs are attached... What is next? Many of you have some interesting guesses and many mentioned still not knowing what we are making. Well, we won't be able to keep this project a secret for much longer. Once you see the templates today, you might pretty much realise exactly what we are making. 😉

The Winter Mystery Project Sew Along is officially over. We are sorry the templates are no longer available to download. But the pattern is coming soon!

Make sure the printer is set to the "actual size" and not to the "fit to page" when you print the templates. Check the measurements of the one inch test square on the same page to ensure the accuracy of the printing. The templates are full-size. Please get your fabric ready, but DO NOT cut them yet. We will guide you through this stage this week.

If you haven't started the Winter Mystery Project yet but would like to join us, you can find the fabric requirements here . In case if you need help with choosing your fabrics, please read our previous blog post .

Just a friendly reminder - please take the time to visit the posts of other people participating in the Winter Mystery Project Sew Along. We are all sewing together and it is important not only to share your work with us, but to support and encourage each other and share some kindness!

Please always tag the hosts of this Sew Along in your posts so we can easily see them. When you tag us, we get a notification and it saves us a lot of time scrolling through the hashtag. Simply add @nordiccrafter and @stitchingnotes at the end of each of your posts related to this Sew Along or Sip Tea and EPP party! We greatly appreciate this!

Happy Sewing!🖤

Larisa and Irina xox

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